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JPS Code of Conduct

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Code of Conduct of the Physical Society of Japan


Members of the Physical Society of Japan shall deepen understanding for nature, enrich our culture, and contribute to the welfare of human being, through search for the truth in the field of physics. In connection with such activities, they shall comply with laws and be aware of their mission and responsibility in society. In consideration of the foregoing we hereby establish the following Code of Conduct.

(1) (Responsibilities)

Each member of Physical Society of Japan (hereinafter the "Member") shall aim to contribute to the advancement and spread of physics. The Member shall act in a trustworthy manner with a sense of high ethics, being aware that research of physics can be developed as long as they are trusted and entrusted by society.

(2) (Disclosure and Accountability)

The Member shall disclose to the public, with objectivity, the significance, role and findings of his/her research. In doing so, he/she shall make clear the relation with previous studies and avoid misleading expressions. He/she shall make efforts to build a constructive dialogue with society, having in mind influences on society or environment that physics may exert.

(3) (Research Ethics)

The Member shall record and maintain, in a proper manner, information as to his/her research such as experimental data. The Member shall not be involved in any misbehavior such as fabrication, falsification, plagiarism or dual submission of study results, and, when publishing study results, shall fairly evaluate previous academic contribution and appropriately refer thereto.

(4) (Joint Research)

The Member shall respect the personality and human rights of colleagues and research collaborators. He/she shall advance collaborative research exchanging necessary information, and shall be jointly responsible for research results.

(5) (Improvement of Research Environment)

The Member shall work on improvement of environment that is the foundation for research, being aware that it is his/her important mission to build and maintain environment for fair and transparent research.

(6) (Relations with Others)

The Member shall rightly evaluate others' achievement such as intellectual works, and shall clearly present the reason when giving necessary criticism. He/she shall listen with humility to critics given to his/her studies and respond sincerely thereto.

(7) (Human Resources Development and Educational Activities)

The Member shall make efforts to train personnel who may contribute to development of physics and shall have in mind to be active in improving society's understanding of physics and natural science.

(8) (Protection of Human Rights and Compliance with Laws and Regulations)

The Member shall be obliged to protect human rights and personal information in his/her research, education, Society activities and other practices, and must comply with laws, regulations and guidelines concerning bioethics, safety and other relevant matters.

(9) (Elimination of Discrimination)

The Member shall build his/her research, education, Society activities, or other practices on the basis of rational fairness, and shall respect the freedom and personality of others, not discriminating on the basis of race, gender, status, belief, religion, or the like.

(10) (Conflicts of Interests)

With respect to his/her research, examination, evaluation, judgement, and the like, the Member shall pay enough attention to conflicts of interests between an individual and an organization, or between organizations, and shall act properly taking into account of fairness.

Revision History

July 10, 2007 Establishment Approved at the 486th Board of Directors Meeting
May 14, 2022 Partial revision Approved at the 677th Board of Directors Meeting
- Change of heading (3)
- (8) (Protection of Human Rights and Compliance with Laws and Regulations) was added.