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Member Benefits and Services

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To prospective members

The Physical Society of Japan (JPS) welcomes prospective members.

JPS is an academic society dedicated to the advancement and promotion of physics and contributes to the development of science in Japan by presenting research on physics and its applications, exchanging knowledge, and strengthening cooperation among members and with partners in Japan and abroad (Membership: about 16,000).

In order to achieve these objectives, JPS is developing and engaging in the following activities. JPS membership will help you broaden the scope of your activities in physics-related research and education. We look forward to your active participation and support.

Major activities of JPS

• Publication of bulletins and English journals
• Organization of meetings to present research results (spring, autumn)
• Research and academic surveys
• Branch activities (lectures, lab and facility tours, etc.)
• Lectures, Public Lectures, Online Physics Lectures, others
• Publication of scientific books
• Awards
• International exchange

Member types

• Regular members
• Regular members (Graduate students)
• Regular members (Senior members)*
• Student members
• Honorary members
• Supporting members
• Affiliate members

*Admission to JPS as a "Regular member (Senior member)" is possible only for those who rejoin and meet the qualifications for senior membership.

If you are interested in joining JPS, please click on the button below to go to the application page.

*If you would like to rejoin and may meet the qualifications for senior membership, please contact the Membership Section of the JPS Head Office at kaiin@jps.or.jp.
If you are currently a Regular member and meet the qualifications for senior membership, please renew your membership by referring to the following link (Japanese only).