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Physics Education in University

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In recent years, JPS has taken steps to implement various initiatives as academia and industry have called attention to the importance of education in the sciences. JPS published a new journal titled "Physics Education in University" in December 1994 in response to diverse educational fields, especially in universities, where the environment around physics education was experiencing significant changes. JPS hopes to be able to design an open magazine with an emphasis on contributions from readers to help with the exchange of information. We are pleased to offer an invitation to new subscribers, both members and non-members of JPS.

Subscribing is as simple as 1-2-3!
Annual subscription fee: 1,200 yen for individuals (3,000 yen for institutions)
Published three times a year in March, July and November

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Back issues are also accessible.

Articles published more than one year ago are open to the public and can be accessed freely on the electronic journal site, J-STAGE. Users must be authenticated as subscribers to read articles that are not yet open to the public.