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Regular/Student Members

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Admission of Regular/Student members

If you would like to become a member, please follow the instructions below. Applications for membership can be submitted at any time. Membership applications will be reviewed and decided upon by the Board of Directors. Applicants who have completed all application procedures by the end of the month will be considered for membership by the Board of Directors the following month. (Applicants may apply to deliver a presentation at a JPS meeting even during the application process. Once you have paid the application fee, you are eligible to apply to deliver a presentation from your temporary My Page.)

Members who have previously withdrawn their membership are also welcome to reapply. If you would like to rejoin and may meet the qualifications for senior membership, please contact the Membership Section of the JPS Head Office at kaiin@jps.or.jp.

The rights and obligations of the members of JPS are set forth in the "Constitution, Bylaws, and Internal Regulation on Membership". Please read and agree to the terms and conditions before applying. JPS will use the personal information collected within the scope needed to perform its activities. For details, please see "Collection, Use and Management of Personal Information at JPS".

Qualifications for membership (Excerpt from Article 5 of the Constitution)

- Regular members:
To qualify for regular membership, the applicant must meet either of the following criteria:
1) Has completed physics or related courses in an undergraduate course at university
2) Is recognized by the President as having the same or higher level of knowledge defined in the above section.

- Student members (for students currently enrolled in an undergraduate program)
Student membership is available for individuals who are currently enrolled in physics or related courses in an undergraduate course at university.

Application fees

The application fee (to be paid when applying for membership) is the sum of the "admission fee" and "membership dues for one year". Please refer to the Membership Dues page for details.
* Graduate students are also eligible to join JPS as a "Regular member (Graduate student)". Dues are reduced to the same as that for a "Student member".

The application fee can be paid online (credit card, convenience store payment, Pay-easy, PayPal).
(The payment system is outsourced to SB Payment Service Corp.)

* If paying at a convenience store, please note that it may take several days for payment information to reach JPS. If you would like to apply to deliver a presentation at a JPS meeting in conjunction with your membership application, please do so as soon as possible.
Credit card, Pay-easy, and PayPal payments can be processed immediately.

Application procedure

Applications for membership can be done online only.
You can apply for membership from the "Application for membership" button at the bottom of this page.

The following information is required when you apply. Please prepare these before applying.

If applying as a "Regular member", please refer to 1 and 2 below.
If applying as a "Regular member (Graduate student)" or a "Student member", please refer to 1, 2, and 3 below.

1. Membership number and name of two regular members who can provide referrals
* To become a member, you must be referred by two regular members.

2. Email address used by the individual applying for membership (Cell phone carrier addresses are not accepted.)

3. Student certificate (if applying as a "Student member" or a "Regular member (Graduate student)")
* Student ID cards are not accepted.
* Please prepare an image file (jpg, png, gif, pdf). File size should be less than 2MB.
* A student certificate must be submitted if applying for membership as a "Student member" (undergraduate students).
* Graduate students are "Regular members". A student certificate is required if you wish to apply for reduced membership dues as a "Regular member (Graduate student)".
* If you have difficulties obtaining a student certificate, please contact the Membership Section at admission@jps.or.jp.

General flow of admission application

* Kanji (Chinese characters) other than JIS level 1 and level 2, platform-dependent characters, and some symbols cannot be used.