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Collaboration with the Science Council of Japan (SCJ)

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The Physical Society of Japan (JPS) is engaged in the following activities in collaboration with the Science Council of Japan (SCJ).

Key Areas of Collaboration

JPS works together with SCJ's Physics Commission to issue recommendations and opinions related to physics research and education.
"Liaison meetings between SCJ and JPS" are held during JPS annual meetings and at other opportunities to exchange information and ideas between SCJ and JPS members.
The President and Directors of JPS also take part in the liaison council meetings organized by SCJ's Section III (Physical Sciences and Engineering) and exchange ideas with other academic societies and SCJ on a variety of issues.

Collaboration with SCJ on IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics)

Celebrating its centenary in 2022, IUPAP has designated July 2022 to June 2023 as its centennial year. The head office of IUPAP is holding a centennial kick-off ceremony in July 2022, a photo contest and other events, and also calling for the organization of satellite events in member countries and regions.
In Japan, the IUPAP Sub-committee under SCJ's Physics Commission and General Engineering Commission serves as the point of contact (liaison) for planning events to celebrate IUPAP's centenary. JPS and SCJ will cooperate in organizing events to celebrate IUPAP's 100 years.

Cooperation on IYBSSD2022 (International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development)

UNESCO designated the year 2022 as the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development. As the key organization for IYBSSD2022, IUPAP is promoting IYBSSD2022, together with events to commemorate its own centenary, to reassert the role of science in achieving the SDGs. The SCJ has also expressed its support for IYBSSD2002 and has set up the IYBSSD Liaison Council to work on this. JPS has also indicated its support for the aim of IYBSSD2002 and intention to cooperate.